Giselle & Sasha

Giselle & Sasha

Giselle is a Los Angeles native and a marketing professional with over a decade of experience consulting on projects from all industries. She believes that research and analytics are a driving force for any business and data should drive action.

She is dedicated to empowering women and is also the CEO & Co-Founder of few startups having successful exit she is more than experienced in this field. Next to it, Giselle is an advocate for LGTB rights and minority communities.

With her personal experience in running a startup from top to bottom she plays a valuable asset to educating others who will follow in her footsteps.


Mr. Poparic a CEO of Helvetia Holdings Group, and underwriter of We The Incubator is a pioneer in the field of Internet transaction payment processing, content marketing, website development, and strategic implementation. During his career, he has established numerous successful web properties that cater to the European community, generating millions of unique visitors per month and offering a variety of products and services. He holds a master’s degree in music science and electronics. Sasha’s entrepreneurship pushed him to expand into the hospitality industry. He has built successful night clubs in Beverly Hills, California, and Zurich, Switzerland. Most recently he has embarked on a new endeavor: hotel and land development on the Adriatic Coast.


WE THE INCUBATOR was founded on the principles of fairness and accessibility FOR ALL! It is our belief that everyone should have a fair chance at making their startup dreams come true. Getting a tech startup off the ground is no easy task and finally real startup help is here. Keep pushing and reach out to WTI should you need assistance. Regardless of wether or not your startup is still in the ‘“on a napkin” stage or you have already launched and simply need help scaling your business. We got all of your bases covered!