We will strive to guide and monitoring the development of our residents for 24 months.


Residents will be offered a healthy home accompanied by a positive environment where everyone has the same goal of overcoming their present situation.

The participants will be provided with on site job training where they can develop a new trade, which will allow them to be employed earning living wages, not just minimum wage.



From the first day the needs of each participant will be assessed each participant will be required to participate in a cognitive behavioral class.<br /> In this class they will focus on challenging and changing unrealistic thinking, behaviors, improving emotion regulation, and developing coping strategies that target solving their current problems.


DE HOGAR Housing Assistance

We will support our residents with housing assistance, we will offer programs to facilitate the transition from our shelter to stable (living situation or home).

We will strive to guide and monitoring the development of our residents for 24 months.


Helping our community is our passion for that reason we do it with much love. We have created an infrastructure to prevent our residents from falling back on their erroneous decisions. Together as a team we will ensure that when they leave our shelter they are 100% prepared to face reality again with another mentality and with enough tools to succeed.

The participants will leave our program with improved credit score, renewed thought process, and an established employment history. Our program will monitor these individuals after their release in hopes of preventing a regression.

Guiding and monitoring the development of our residents by WTI
homeless population of LA county
Single adults average stay in shelter

Real opportunity in
a venture in The World of Technology.

We the Incubator, have this understanding and created an infrastructure that will guide Felons to a real opportunity in a venture in The World of Technology. We the Incubator we are offering Every individual who is leaving The prison system an opportunity to join the world of technology. We understand that it is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to commit will be rewarded with an opportunity to break the cycle and change their lives in the right direction. We have created this bridge for the felon with an entrepreneur mind can connect to the tech world, a world that will help them to get out and eliminate the prejudices.


Donations and our
non-profit financing

To those chosen ones that exhibit a serious, honest and desire to surpass themselves, We the Incubator will contribute through donations and our non-profit financing to cover the required costs to make this a reality rather than just a dream.

Our Homeless Reintegration Center being built in Down town. 30.000 Square feet of CO-Working/CO-Living area that would host 400 Homless and put them through reintegration process and bring them back to Society.

WE THE INCUBATOR was founded on the principles of fairness and accessibility FOR ALL! It is our belief that everyone should have a fair chance at making their startup dreams come true. Getting a tech startup off the ground is no easy task and finally real startup help is here. Keep pushing and reach out to WTI should you need assistance. Regardless of wether or not your startup is still in the ‘“on a napkin” stage or you have already launched and simply need help scaling your business. We got all of your bases covered!