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Actor Trade has partnered with Backstage!

Founded in 1960, Backstage is the most trusted name in casting, utilizing decades of experience and advanced technology to connect content-creators with the talent needed to take their projects to the next level.

In their words about our partnership:

“Backstage is excited to partner with Actor Trade to offer the Actor Trade community of performers complimentary access to our popular, state-of-the-art tools for casting your web series, commercials, script readings, films, TV shows, and more!”

Actor trade soft launched January 28th and in one month the startup generated over 2000 targeted actors/users with no marketing at all. It proves that the concept of actors being able to rehearse their scripts with one another worldwide was spot on. Since the launch we have partnered up with Argentum photo Lab, the biggest Photo studio in the US with over 30 years of experience and 35.000 actors being served there https://www.argentum.com.

W.T.I. is thankful to be in a position to help underserved founders! We will bridge this gap in tech, one way or another…

Technology and business merge at Plug in South L.A.

Will the next billion-dollar company come from South Los Angeles? Find out about Plug In South Los Angeles, which is an organizations that is ensuring that South L.A. does not miss out on business opportunities that the rest of the world is taking advantage of.

Access to capital is an issue with a lot of Black businesses. At the Urban Tech Connect, entrepreneurs were able to meet with venture capitalists.

We The Incubator Photo by Jason Lewis.

WE THE INCUBATOR was founded on the principles of fairness and accessibility FOR ALL! It is our belief that everyone should have a fair chance at making their startup dreams come true. Getting a tech startup off the ground is no easy task and finally real startup help is here. Keep pushing and reach out to WTI should you need assistance. Regardless of wether or not your startup is still in the ‘“on a napkin” stage or you have already launched and simply need help scaling your business. We got all of your bases covered!